Tangerang Intercity Open Tournament 2015

“Tangerang Intercity Open Tournament 2015” has been held recently in Tangerang City. Followed by 22 cities in Indonesia, this Tournament opened on 11 Sept 2015 by the Mayor of Tangerang City. Not less than 211 participants which are under 18 years competed for the Overall Winner Trophy of the Mayor

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Judge Seminar and Examination 2015

Judge Seminar and Examination was held at the Indonesia Shorinji Kempo Training Center “Sidharta A. Martoredjo”, Jakarta on 23rd-25th August 2015 recently. 129 Kenshi from Provinces in Indonesia participate in this event. The Judge Seminar and examination is to improve the judge knowledge and looking for new judges.Perkemi has 2

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UNJ Inter-university Tournament 2015

National University of Jakarta has held an Inter-university Shorinji Kempo Tournament recently. Took place at Cempaka Putih Sport Center, Jakarta this Tournament opened by Deputy Rector of National University of Jakarta Prof DR Sofyan Hanif who is also Kenshi (2nd-Dan). This Tournament held on August 8 and 9, 2015.

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